Saturday, August 13, 2005

Blunt doing us a favor? A letter from a reader

Here's a letter from a blameblunt reader who suggests that we are all getting worked up over nothing. Who knows...maybe Blunt IS doing us a favor! :)

I'm not sure exactly what your problem with Governor Blunt is. I think he's doing a WONDEFUL job - of ensuring that he only serves one term! He's turned his back on the very people in Missouri who needed help the most - the poor, the elderly and the disabled. And why not? What are they going to do? If you're going to alienate a group of constituents, it only makes sense the pick the group that has the least amount of resources at their disposal to fight back. Bullies don't usually pick on people that might put up a fight - they pick on people weaker than themselves.

And when opinion polls pointed out how many people are dissatisfied with the job Blunt has done, Blunt ddid exactly what I expected. Buried his head in the sand and dismissed the numbers as "inaccurate".

Gee, I wish that tactic worked in all jobs! When the boss complained about job performance, everyone could just claim the findings must be "inaccurate". There'd never be a need to try to improve or to listen to constructive criticism - you could just deny, deny, deny.

Keep it up Lame Duck Blunt! You're doing some of us a huge favor.


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