Thursday, August 25, 2005

Blunt's approval rating starting to soar!!!!

Blog St. Louis reports that Gov. Blunt is up to a 35% approval rating! However, the 2% improvement is within the margin of error, and his disapproval rating is up 3 to 60%.
I wonder if this will cause some accountability....hahahaha....sorry, that made me chucle!


Blunt cuts medicaid, head start, and oh yeah...fresh produce!

This one didn’t get much publicity, but one of the many programs cut recently was the farmers market voucher system. The program gave senior citizens $30 vouchers to spend at farmers markets. It was an important way for poor seniors to supplement their diets with fresh, high quality food - especially in urban areas where groceries are limited and more expensive.

This seems to be getting a bit ridiculous don't you think?


Thursday, August 18, 2005

A Reader Sends Us Some Info On Daddy Blunt, and the Blunt Political Machine!!!

Draft Jim Kreider:

U.S. Representative Roy Blunt has lost his down to earth sense he had when he went to congress in 1996. His own chief of staff and himself have given Tom Delay over $20,000 for his legal defense fund. It seems that Mr. Blunt wants to look like he is being loyal to Republicans by supporting Delay, while most think Mr. Delay will step down by the first of the year and Blunt will move from the number three to number two position. Mr. Blunt clearly wants to have his cake and eat it too. Blunt is the head of the Missouri congressional leadership just what we need, more corruption and indictments in our state.Then you have former State Representative and former Speaker of the Missouri House Jim Kreider who was known statewide as a people person who has a keen sense of what is important to the citizens. He understands that he works for the citizens rather than the other way around. Jim Kreider had a reputation while Speaker for bringing people and both sides together to get things done. We need a person like Kreider to get things moving in Congress. A website tells more of the effort to Draft Mr. Kreider.

Sincerely,Steven L. Reed
2010 East Page D22
Springfield, MO 65802

A July 12, 2004 Washington Post story states a political action committee ran by Tom Delay requested Kenneth Lay send money. Delay directed money from corporations and Washington lobbyist to Republican campaign coffers in 2001 and 2002 as plan to redraw the voting districts. So Texas congressional districts were decided with tainted money!

I have met Jim Kreider, and one of the things that stood out the most for me, was how sincere he was. He's in politics because he has a genuine interest in helping people, but he's far from a career politician. He's a farmer from Nixa Missouri, and as real of a human being as it gets.


Saturday, August 13, 2005

Blunt doing us a favor? A letter from a reader

Here's a letter from a blameblunt reader who suggests that we are all getting worked up over nothing. Who knows...maybe Blunt IS doing us a favor! :)

I'm not sure exactly what your problem with Governor Blunt is. I think he's doing a WONDEFUL job - of ensuring that he only serves one term! He's turned his back on the very people in Missouri who needed help the most - the poor, the elderly and the disabled. And why not? What are they going to do? If you're going to alienate a group of constituents, it only makes sense the pick the group that has the least amount of resources at their disposal to fight back. Bullies don't usually pick on people that might put up a fight - they pick on people weaker than themselves.

And when opinion polls pointed out how many people are dissatisfied with the job Blunt has done, Blunt ddid exactly what I expected. Buried his head in the sand and dismissed the numbers as "inaccurate".

Gee, I wish that tactic worked in all jobs! When the boss complained about job performance, everyone could just claim the findings must be "inaccurate". There'd never be a need to try to improve or to listen to constructive criticism - you could just deny, deny, deny.

Keep it up Lame Duck Blunt! You're doing some of us a huge favor.