Thursday, June 30, 2005

Blunt Spits on Missouri's African American Population

What kind of person thinks this is a good idea?

Two years after former Governor Holden removed flag from state’s two Confederate cemetaries, Governor Blunt has ordered it to be flown again on Sunday in honor of the Confederate Memorial Day. Yes, such a holiday exists. And yes, our governor is celebrating it. No word on the position of African-American’s for Blunt on this issue. (Yes, such an organization exists, at least in theory).

Keep those letters coming!


Blunt Baffles Education Officials With Educational IOU

Need More Reasons to be upset With our Governor? How about this one?

JEFFERSON CITY — Democratic lawmakers today voiced their concern over Gov. Matt Blunt’s education plan, which is being signed by Gov. Matt Blunt today. House Assistant Minority Leader Paul LeVota (D-Independence) has concerns regarding the Governor’s plan because it is based on unspecified funding that fails to address the immediate challenge of keeping the schools out of court. “Gov. Blunt promised the people of Missouri that he would fix our education system,” said LeVota. “Instead he has proposed an unfunded solution that won’t help any current students older than the fourth grade. Worse still, his plan leaves control of our schools at high risk of being taken over by the courts.”LeVota said it is necessary to let the people of Missouri know that this bill is not a solution, but yet another challenge in providing all Missouri children with a quality education. The plan calls for over $800 million to be spread out over the next seven years, yet the Governor has failed to produce any details as to how the state will come up with that much new revenue. LeVota compared the plan to John Ashcroft’s failed 15-year highway plan from the 1990’s. “The taxpayers of this state have learned to be wary of promises that pledge the money will be there,” said LeVota. “They trusted the 15-year highway plan would fix our roads. Now Missouri has the third worst roads in the country. Missourians are now asking, ‘Are we going to see the third worst schools in the country, too?’”The seven-year phase-in would mean schools would not see their fair share of state funding for another seven years. That means that last year’s fifth graders will have graduated high school before their schools see the funding they deserve. Some education proponents have worried that this will hurt the state’s chances of surviving a pending lawsuit brought by over 100 of the state’s school districts. The suit contends that the state has failed to provide “adequate and equitable” support for all Missouri schools. If the courts rule that the state has failed its constitutional obligation to Missouri schools, then they could take control of how the state spends its education dollars. “When the session began, the Governor told Missourians that education reform was immediately needed in order to protect our schools from the courts,” said LeVota. “But now it has become obvious that his plan has convinced few if any of the school districts to drop their case, and has therefore failed to achieve his number one goal. Missouri parents, teachers and students are still stuck with an under-funded education system, and have seen no relief from the courts. Despite the hype, the Governor’s mission is still unaccomplished.” LeVota also noted that some school districts in the state end up losers under this plan. “When you compare the two formulas, districts in the Kansas City, St. Louis and northern Missouri regions end up with less money by the time the new formula is implemented,” said LeVota. “In the first year of this new formula the education of children in these areas will be valued less than they were in the year before.”

Thursday, June 09, 2005

Blame Blunt 2005

Ladies and gentlemen, the polls are in and the people have spoken. recently asked people to rate their Governor and the results for Missouri are saddening. With a mere 33% approval rating, Matt Blunt, Missouri's virgin Governor, has earned himself the coveted title of 3rd least respected Governor in the nation.As Missourians we should all be embarrassed to have the 47th ranked Governor in the nation, but what should embarrass us even more is Governor Blunt's reaction to the poll results. Did Governor Blunt admit his mistakes, accept responsibility, and vow to better serve his constituents? Of course not! Instead he downplayed the survey as inaccurate because it was electronically administered and continued his unwavering mission to destroy our Medicaid, our head start, and other valuable social welfare programs that help aid those less fortunate than he is.It's time that we Missourians demand accountability from our elected officials. It's time that we hold them to the same standards of personal accountability that we are held to in our jobs, our schools, and our everyday lives. With that in mind, I am announcing the Blame Blunt 2005 Campaign.From now until December 1st we will be collecting letters from all of those Missouri citizens who are dissatisfied with the job Govern Blunt is doing. Beginning on December second we will then proceed to mail those letters, 100 a day, to both Governor Blunt's office and the Governor’s Mansion in Jefferson City. On top of that, the best letters will be posted on this blog so that people all over the world can share in your frustrations.So how do you send letter? Hardcover copies must include a self addressed stamped envelope and can be mailed to a post office box that will be set up in the next week or so. You may also send electronic copies of your concerns to the following address: All letters will be read prior to mailing for integrity and for blog content. We ask that to ensure the credibility of our project that all letters (electronic and hardcopy) please be signed with your real name and address.Ladies and gentlemen, the Governor will no longer be able to deny our voices when they're pouring into his office by the hundreds. So tell your friends, tell your family, write down your problems and send them in!You can make a difference...your voice WILL be heard!