Thursday, August 25, 2005

Blunt's approval rating starting to soar!!!!

Blog St. Louis reports that Gov. Blunt is up to a 35% approval rating! However, the 2% improvement is within the margin of error, and his disapproval rating is up 3 to 60%.
I wonder if this will cause some accountability....hahahaha....sorry, that made me chucle!


Blunt cuts medicaid, head start, and oh yeah...fresh produce!

This one didn’t get much publicity, but one of the many programs cut recently was the farmers market voucher system. The program gave senior citizens $30 vouchers to spend at farmers markets. It was an important way for poor seniors to supplement their diets with fresh, high quality food - especially in urban areas where groceries are limited and more expensive.

This seems to be getting a bit ridiculous don't you think?


Thursday, August 18, 2005

A Reader Sends Us Some Info On Daddy Blunt, and the Blunt Political Machine!!!

Draft Jim Kreider:

U.S. Representative Roy Blunt has lost his down to earth sense he had when he went to congress in 1996. His own chief of staff and himself have given Tom Delay over $20,000 for his legal defense fund. It seems that Mr. Blunt wants to look like he is being loyal to Republicans by supporting Delay, while most think Mr. Delay will step down by the first of the year and Blunt will move from the number three to number two position. Mr. Blunt clearly wants to have his cake and eat it too. Blunt is the head of the Missouri congressional leadership just what we need, more corruption and indictments in our state.Then you have former State Representative and former Speaker of the Missouri House Jim Kreider who was known statewide as a people person who has a keen sense of what is important to the citizens. He understands that he works for the citizens rather than the other way around. Jim Kreider had a reputation while Speaker for bringing people and both sides together to get things done. We need a person like Kreider to get things moving in Congress. A website tells more of the effort to Draft Mr. Kreider.

Sincerely,Steven L. Reed
2010 East Page D22
Springfield, MO 65802

A July 12, 2004 Washington Post story states a political action committee ran by Tom Delay requested Kenneth Lay send money. Delay directed money from corporations and Washington lobbyist to Republican campaign coffers in 2001 and 2002 as plan to redraw the voting districts. So Texas congressional districts were decided with tainted money!

I have met Jim Kreider, and one of the things that stood out the most for me, was how sincere he was. He's in politics because he has a genuine interest in helping people, but he's far from a career politician. He's a farmer from Nixa Missouri, and as real of a human being as it gets.


Saturday, August 13, 2005

Blunt doing us a favor? A letter from a reader

Here's a letter from a blameblunt reader who suggests that we are all getting worked up over nothing. Who knows...maybe Blunt IS doing us a favor! :)

I'm not sure exactly what your problem with Governor Blunt is. I think he's doing a WONDEFUL job - of ensuring that he only serves one term! He's turned his back on the very people in Missouri who needed help the most - the poor, the elderly and the disabled. And why not? What are they going to do? If you're going to alienate a group of constituents, it only makes sense the pick the group that has the least amount of resources at their disposal to fight back. Bullies don't usually pick on people that might put up a fight - they pick on people weaker than themselves.

And when opinion polls pointed out how many people are dissatisfied with the job Blunt has done, Blunt ddid exactly what I expected. Buried his head in the sand and dismissed the numbers as "inaccurate".

Gee, I wish that tactic worked in all jobs! When the boss complained about job performance, everyone could just claim the findings must be "inaccurate". There'd never be a need to try to improve or to listen to constructive criticism - you could just deny, deny, deny.

Keep it up Lame Duck Blunt! You're doing some of us a huge favor.

Thursday, July 28, 2005

Blunt Suspected of Violating Missouri's Campaign Finance Laws

The Missouri Ethics Commission announced that they have referred a complaint filed against Gov. Matt Blunt for violating Missouri's campaign finance laws to the Attorney General's office. This marks a dramatic victory for Missourians and the role of integrity in government.The Missouri Democratic Party filed this complaint after learning that Matt Blunt had failed to report an illegal in-kind contribution of a tour bus to his campaign by Mike Kehoe. Only after the MDP reported this violation did Blunt's campaign pay for the use of the bus. Unfortunately, they decided to pay for just a third of the bus's fair market value, again constituting an wrongful in-kind contribution well above the amount that individuals are allowed to contribute to candidates.So, just what did Mike Kehoe get in return for his largesse to Blunt's campaign? Your governor appointed him to the Missouri Highway Commission. This case is just one more example of the apparent quid pro quos for campaign contributions that have become standard operating procedure under Matt Blunt:
Blunt named a convicted thief as Missouri's top business recruiter after she helped raise thousands for his campaign
Blunt let special interests choose his cabinet, even letting the insurance industry hand pick the state's insurance watchdog
Blunt handed out license fee offices to numerous donorsBlunt and the Republicans have tried to disparage the efforts by the MDP to expose this pattern of payoffs as just politics as usual. But they couldn't be more wrong. The Ethics Commission's decision to refer this case to the Attorney General for is believed to be the first time since the Commission was formed in 1993 that it has found such probable cause to refer an ethics complaint against a sitting governor.The MDP believes that integrity in government is critical for the public to trust their elected officials. The people of this state deserve an open and honest government that acts in their best interests.And where is Matt Blunt today? According to the Republican Governor's Association, he's in Idaho for a two-day thank you to special interests who have given generously to the help elect Republicans -- including $2,500,000 to Blunt in 2004."It's fitting that on the very day the Ethics Commission announces they have found probable cause to refer an ethics complaint against Matt Blunt for prosecution, that Gov. Blunt and his chief of staff are in Sun Valley, Idaho thanking political contributors," said MDP spokesman Jack Cardetti. "Clearly, this is an administration that shows little regard for ethical guidelines and acts as if they are above the law."

Wonderful Rolemodel Governor!


Monday, July 25, 2005

The Family That Pays Together, Stays Together: A Look at Blunt's Campaign Contribututions.

In this day and age when family members usually go their separate ways, you have to appreciate a local family that bucks that trend.Take the Beshores.They're a family that follows the old saying, "The family that pays together stays together," and the man they are paying is Missouri Governor Matt Blunt.The media made a big deal out of Blunt's early campaign war chest of three quarters of a million, but they overlooked the little guy, the family guy, the one who spends his hard-earned money to improve government.That's Lance Beshore, Joplin. By night, he's a family man, but 24 hours a day, he is a lobbyist in the employ of Carthage-based Fortune 500 company Leggett & Platt.According to the campaign disclosure forms on the Missouri Ethics Commission website, Dr. Beshore, listed as a physician, gave the governor the maximum contribution, $1,200. His wife, Sharon Cornell Beshore, listed as a homemaker, also gave $1,200. His son, Brent Beshore, listed as student gave $1,200. (If I could have donated $1,200 to politicians when I was in college, I wouldn't had to have spent years paying off a student loan.) Dr. Beshore's father-in-law, Harry Cornell, of Leggett & Platt gave $1,200.The Leggett & Platt extended family also stepped up to the plate. Karl Glassman gave, you guessed it, $1,200. and Leggett & Platt itself was also down for $1,200.In addition to Leggett & Platt, the governor once again had a steady stream of contributions from registered lobbyists, in addition to Dr. Beshore, though none of them were listed as lobbyists.Among those:-Burch and Associates, the lobbying firm operated by former State Representative Jerry Burch gave $300. His firm represents Missouri Hospital Association, Southwest Missouri State University, Greene County Commission, Springfield City Utilities, and the Branson/Lakes Area Chamber of Commerce.-Gaines Brown Consulting, a lobbyist firm gave $1,200, which represents Monsanto, Premium Standard Farms, Kansas City Chiefs, and Southwestern Bell (SBC) among others.-L. Kent Gaines lobbyist for Gaines Brown Consulting, $1,200. No occupation was listed for Gaines.-University of Missouri lobbyist Tom Atkins donated $1,200. His occupation is listed as Tom Atkins Investments.-Kenneth Teasdale with the lobbying firm Armstrong Teasdale, which represents Ameren UE, gave $1,200. His firm was listed for his occupation.-Harvey Tettlebaum, lobbyist for the Missouri Health Care Association, donated $1,200.Sizable donations from lobbyists are par for the course for a Blunt campaign. As The Turner Report noted on May 25, Matt Blunt received money from nearly 100 registered lobbyists during his 2004 gubernatorial campaign. You can find that information at:***One of the most interesting donors on the disclosure form filed by Governor Blunt's campaign was "Columbia Fee Office," which gave $1,200 on June 30.Joplin-area donors, in addition to those associated with Leggett & Platt included:David Humphreys, TAMKO, $1,200, Dr. Blake Little, Joplin, $1,200; Ron Richard, listed as C&N Bowl Corp, $1,200, Patty Richard, Joplin, $1,200; and Dee Wampler, Springfield, attorney, $500.

Thursday, July 14, 2005

Daddy Blunt Not Prioritizing Medicare - The apple doesn't fall far from the tree!

The chairman of the House Ways and Means Committee, who earlier predicted his panel would deal with a bill in early June, said Wednesday it may not get to it until September at the earliest. Meanwhile, the head of the Senate Finance Committee said he hoped a meeting Thursday morning might spur some action, though he was not sure it would. Rep. Bill Thomas, R-Calif., said the schedule for his Ways and Means committee bogged down because of the Central American Free Trade Agreement and other legislation. "The issue is dealing with more time-sensitive legislation first," Thomas said. Social Security "is not time-sensitive, and we are going to pass CAFTA" before Congress begins its summer recess at the end of the month. Thomas was quick to say about Social Security legislation: "There's no hang-up on contents. It's just how many days we got and how many space shuttles don't get off the ground." The House delayed its votes and curtailed some committee action Wednesday so members could attend the launch of the space shuttle Discovery, which ended up being scrubbed because of an equipment problem. Rep. Roy Blunt (news, bio, voting record) of Missouri, the No. 3 Republican in the House, told reporters he doubted lawmakers would deal with the bill this month. That would delay the debate until fall, when the Senate is expected to be consumed with a Supreme Court confirmation battle. Sen. Charles Grassley (news, bio, voting record), chairman of the Senate Finance Committee, told reporters Tuesday he was unsure when his committee would begin work on Social Security legislation. His staff is expected to outline several ideas for the committee's Republican members during a business meeting Thursday, but two of those members have expressed doubts about Bush's proposal, which includes personal investment accounts.

A Blunt is a Blunt is a Blunt!!


Tuesday, July 12, 2005

Blunt Bans Medications - Buys SUV!!!

The third worst governor in the country has banned Viagra, Cialis, and Levitra from Missouri’s Medicaid program. The move will save the state about $200,000 a year, slightly more than Blunt spent to renovate the Governor’s Office and buy himself new SUVs.

Sex is only for the wealthy in Missouri - just like SUV's and Mansions!


Thursday, June 30, 2005

Blunt Spits on Missouri's African American Population

What kind of person thinks this is a good idea?

Two years after former Governor Holden removed flag from state’s two Confederate cemetaries, Governor Blunt has ordered it to be flown again on Sunday in honor of the Confederate Memorial Day. Yes, such a holiday exists. And yes, our governor is celebrating it. No word on the position of African-American’s for Blunt on this issue. (Yes, such an organization exists, at least in theory).

Keep those letters coming!


Blunt Baffles Education Officials With Educational IOU

Need More Reasons to be upset With our Governor? How about this one?

JEFFERSON CITY — Democratic lawmakers today voiced their concern over Gov. Matt Blunt’s education plan, which is being signed by Gov. Matt Blunt today. House Assistant Minority Leader Paul LeVota (D-Independence) has concerns regarding the Governor’s plan because it is based on unspecified funding that fails to address the immediate challenge of keeping the schools out of court. “Gov. Blunt promised the people of Missouri that he would fix our education system,” said LeVota. “Instead he has proposed an unfunded solution that won’t help any current students older than the fourth grade. Worse still, his plan leaves control of our schools at high risk of being taken over by the courts.”LeVota said it is necessary to let the people of Missouri know that this bill is not a solution, but yet another challenge in providing all Missouri children with a quality education. The plan calls for over $800 million to be spread out over the next seven years, yet the Governor has failed to produce any details as to how the state will come up with that much new revenue. LeVota compared the plan to John Ashcroft’s failed 15-year highway plan from the 1990’s. “The taxpayers of this state have learned to be wary of promises that pledge the money will be there,” said LeVota. “They trusted the 15-year highway plan would fix our roads. Now Missouri has the third worst roads in the country. Missourians are now asking, ‘Are we going to see the third worst schools in the country, too?’”The seven-year phase-in would mean schools would not see their fair share of state funding for another seven years. That means that last year’s fifth graders will have graduated high school before their schools see the funding they deserve. Some education proponents have worried that this will hurt the state’s chances of surviving a pending lawsuit brought by over 100 of the state’s school districts. The suit contends that the state has failed to provide “adequate and equitable” support for all Missouri schools. If the courts rule that the state has failed its constitutional obligation to Missouri schools, then they could take control of how the state spends its education dollars. “When the session began, the Governor told Missourians that education reform was immediately needed in order to protect our schools from the courts,” said LeVota. “But now it has become obvious that his plan has convinced few if any of the school districts to drop their case, and has therefore failed to achieve his number one goal. Missouri parents, teachers and students are still stuck with an under-funded education system, and have seen no relief from the courts. Despite the hype, the Governor’s mission is still unaccomplished.” LeVota also noted that some school districts in the state end up losers under this plan. “When you compare the two formulas, districts in the Kansas City, St. Louis and northern Missouri regions end up with less money by the time the new formula is implemented,” said LeVota. “In the first year of this new formula the education of children in these areas will be valued less than they were in the year before.”